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36th Wing

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Under contract with the United States, the French Army began construction of what would become Bitburg Air Base in Western Germany's Eifel Mountains in the Rheinland-Pfalz in early 1951. Bitburg Air Base was officially established as a United States Air Forces Europe (USAFE) installation on September 1, 1952, after the arrival of the 53rd Fighter-Bomber Squadron, 36th Fighter-Bomber Wing (FBW), in July from Furstenfeldbruck AB, Germany. The remainder of the wing (the 22nd and 23rd Fighter-Bomber Squadrons) arrived with their F-84E Thunderjets in November 1952. The 36th was established as 36th Fighter Wing on 17 Jun 1948, and activated on 2 Jul 1948. Later the Wing was redesignated as the 36th Fighter-Bomber Wing on 20 Jan 1950; the 36th Fighter-Day Wing on 9 Aug 1954; the 36th Tactical Fighter Wing on 8 Jul 1958; and finally as the 36th Fighter Wing on 1 Oct 1991. The wing was deactivated on 1 Oct 1994.


F-84E of the 22nd FBS. Credit: Campbell Archives

During this time, the 36th became the longest continuously based USAF unit in Germany having been stationed at Bitburg AB for 42 years without interruption, a total of 46 years in Germany. The next closest continuously based wing in Germany is the 52nd FW at Spangdahlem at 33 years and the former 50th FW at Hahn at 32 years. The 86th Wing has been in Germany since 1948, but has been deactivated, reactivated, and transferred between stations during it's 57 years in USAFE.

While in Germany the 36th was instrumental in the formation of the Skyblazers aerial demonstration team in May 1949 and controlled it until Aug 1952, and again from Oct 1956 to Jan 1962. In addition to its primary installation (Bitburg AB, Germany), the 36th Wing controlled Oberpfaffenhofen AB, Germany, Dec 1949–Feb 1950, and Spangdahlem AB, Germany, Sep 1969–Dec 1971. The 36th also assumed logistical responsibility for Ground Launched Cruise Missile base closure at Florennes, Belgium in 1989.

F-105D of the 22TFS at the 1961 Paris Air Show at the Le Bourget Airport. Credit: Dave Gurtner F-102 of the 525FIS. Credit: Michel Klaver

The 36th employed a variety of aircraft including: F-51D 1944-1948; F-80 1948-1950; F-84E 1950-1953; F-86F 1953-1956; F-100D/F 1956-1960; F-102D (525th FIS as an air base tenant) 1959- 1968; F-105D/F 1961-1966; F4D/E 1966-1977; and F15 1977-1994. The 36th TFW is honored as the first USAFE wing to introduce the first allied jet fighters in Europe (the F-80 Shooting Star) and the first to convert to the F-84 (1950), F-86 (1953), F-100 (1956), F-102 (1959), F-105 (1961), F4 (1966), and F15 (1977) aircraft in the European theater.

First F4 to arrive at Bitburg AB. Credit: Byler First F4 to arrive at Bitburg AB parked in front of the tower. Credit: Byler

Also stationed at Bitburg AB were Pilotless Bomber units; These were later designated as Tactical Missile units. These units included the 585th Tactical Missile Group, the 71st Tactical Missile Squadron, and the 587th Missile Maintenance Squadron deploying the Matador and Mace missile systems.

F-15s lifting off at Bitburg. Credit: USAF Eifel Eagle in Flight. Credit: USAF

The 36th Wing was reactivated as the 36th Air Base Wing at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, on Sept. 30, 1994. Under this most recent designation, the wing lived up to its mission several times. In September 1996, the wing provided around-the-clock forward-deployment support to Air Combat Command B-52s during their operation Desert Strike missions over Iraq, and began hosting more than 6,600 Kurdish evacuees during the 8-month humanitarian assistance mission, Joint Task Force Pacific Haven.(Sources)

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These links courtesy of Dr. John Treiber, 36AEW Historian & The Pacific Edge


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In keeping with DoD & USAF policy of maintaining the lineage of units with substantial history,
the 36th Wing was re-designated & activated as the 36th Air Base Wing at Andersen AFB in Guam.

36th ABG @ GlobalSecurity.org

36th Air Base Wing, Anderson AFB

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Celebrating 52 Years of German/American Friendship and Cooperation.

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USAF History of the 36th Wing
36th Air Base Wing Fact Sheet, Andersen AFB
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American Military Aircraft Encyclopedia, Edited by Joe Baugher

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